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Avoca Consulting Engineers adventure seekers tackled the North East’s ultimate obstacle course at Muddy Mayhem held at Hardwick Park in Sedgefield on 1st October 2017.

Muddy Mayhem is a popular 5km/10km extreme obstacle filled mud run course negotiating cargo nets to climbing walls, tunnels, freezing open water and lots of other filthy surprises along the way. courses.

The team of five Avoca staff included Managing Director Mark Hooper, Office Manager : Harriet Lisgo,  Max Stephenson : Engineering & Sustainability Technician, Abbie Naisbitt : Mechanical Engineer and Sean Mills : CAD Technician.  

All mud warriors proved to be completely hard-core, pushed themselves to their limits and battled their way successfully around the 10km course.  Well done!
For more information and to see a selection of photographs of the event click here.


 Mark Hooper                                                        Abbie Naisbitt and Harriet Lisgo

Avoca Mud Warriors