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Wynyard Hall Visitor Centre

Client Name: Geoffrey Robinson and Dongard
Location: Cleveland
Budget: £4 million
Project Details:

This unique multi-million pound attraction is true to Sir John Hall’s vision to create a new Rose Garden and Visitor Centre, housed within the historic walled garden.

As an integral part of the design team Avoca Consulting Engineers worked alongside Architects; IDP Northern, Contractors; Metnor Construction and sub-contractors Geoffery Robinson and Dongard to complete the detailed design of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing to the Visitor Centre.

The new buildings and garden were designed to meet the highest enviromental and conservation standards to ensure the preservation of the historic Wynyard Hall by Landscape Architect; Alistair Baldwin Associates.

The single-storey Visitor Centre includes a cafe and gift shop boutique set in the walled garden amost the with the water features, Italian terraces and picnic areas.