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Specialist lighting design, both internal and external, is one of our passions

Lighting - both natural and artificial - can make or break a space. After all, without lighting the space will not function.

This simple concept is fundamental to all our lighting designs and does not mean a complex or expensive solution. Often the most practical solution is the correct solution.

With the increased understanding of ‘sick building syndrome’ and the increase in people found to be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, it is now even more important to provide people, particularity a workforce, with the correct lighting solution.

External lighting should no longer be considered as ‘rule of thumb’ engineering. Sky glow concerns, energy usage, increasingly stringent planning requirements and tighter European Standards mean that every external lighting scheme - from an access road to sports stadia - needs careful and considered design and engineering.

Whilst we believe that exterior lighting should be provided for the comfort and safety of the users, we also believe that, where practical and appropriate, lighting should provide a visual interest and enhance the night time scene without detracting from the natural landscape.

At Avoca we understand the importance of good, practical and appropriate lighting design and follow the simple concept of providing the right light, in the right place, at the right time.

We have demonstrable experience providing the following lighting services;

  • Architectural and decorative lighting schemes
  • Road lighting to BS 5489 and BS EN 13201
  • Lighting for all major sports from grass roots to professional and international level
  • High mast lighting for roads, ports and airfields
  • Reports in support of, and in response to, planning applications
  • Spill light and Obtrusive light calculations
  • Daylight and Sunlight assessments for planning applications.